Why i choose that title ?

Yess.. i guess, if i really wanna be the one who can speak language like english and japanese, the thing i should do is interact with these closer. Dont judge my english yaa.. I know, i’m not good in english. Beside, i dont know how to speak japanese. But deep inside my heart, i’ve dream, one day i’ll go there. Go to london, and go to tokyo and can speak well with native speaker there. Its so beautiful!

Then, i wanna tell you about today. The some moment happen in my day.

Today, i sat down as usual at my chair in my room. Done my task as accounting staff, and suddenly my boss (Mrs. Rina) gave me some document. “It’s Finish!” she said to me.

I Answer.”Yeaah.. Could we go home now mam? Bored..!”

Then with Big Self Confidence i sang with big power of voice. I though my voice isnt good to hear. Some people said this before. But that my way to avoid bored feeling. When i up my head. OMGosh.. There’s my big boss there. Sat down at his chair of director.

Geez! I know he was listening my very very bad voice.. !

i’m gonna die.. -_-“


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