Have you ever heard about this before? Yes.. Manado is the one of city in Indonesia. It has beautiful sea world called Bunaken. I wont tell you more about Manado, but the meaning from this word is “Menang Gaya Doang..!”

I have a friend in my office. He’s from Manado. He’s usually makes me feel like have something weird in my eyes when i see him. He used some accessories almost everyday. Like glasses, striking sweater, hair style  (well, i’m the one who use glasses for looking clearly) but he use that for the style. He though his style makes him good looking. Of course No!!!

Dan hari ini, teman ku ini menggunakan topi kupluk yang biasa di pake penjaga2 vila di puncak. And you know what? Aku ngeliat dia udah kaya bapakku mau ke pasar. hahhaaa

kalo ini sih lucu.. :D

kalo ini sih lucu.. 😀


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