Comparison of Quantity

To Show No Differences : as much as , as many as, as few as, as little as

* as many as / as few as + countable nouns
* as much as / as little as + uncountable nouns

NOTE : Countable Noun adalah benda yang dapat dihitung. Benda benda yang dapat dihitung satuannya, contohnya adalah : Meja, Lemari, Komputer Dll. Sebaliknya, Uncountable Noun adalah benda benda yang tidak dapat dihitung satuannya. Contoh : Gula, Air, beras, Dll.

With countable nouns:

* They have as many children as us.
* We have as many customers as them.
* Tom has as few books as Jane.
* There are as few houses in his village as in mine.
* You know as many people as I do.
* I have visited the States as many times as he has.

With uncountable nouns:

* John eats as much food as Peter.
* Jim has as little food as Sam.
* You’ve heard as much news as I have.
* He’s had as much success as his brother has.
* They’ve got as little water as we have.

To show difference

more, less, fewer + than


With countable nouns: more / fewer

* Eloise has more children than Chantal.
* Chantal has fewer children than Eloise.
* There are fewer dogs in Cardiff than in Bristol
* I have visited fewer countries than my friend has.
* He has read fewer books than she has.

With uncountable nouns: more / less

* Eloise has more money than Chantal.
* Chantal has less money than Eloise.
* I spend less time on homework than you do.
* Cats drink less water than dogs.
* This new dictionary gives more information than the old one.

So, the rule is:

MORE + nouns that are countable or uncountable
FEWER + countable nouns
LESS + uncountable nouns


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